Saturday, July 29, 2017


I am...

READING The Whole Brain Child. I am only halfway through it but at this point, I LOVE IT! Highly recommend it! 

PLANNING to move to Aussie! My hubby has decided to take on a new challenge in pursuing his Masters in Education there. I am eager to embark on a new journey and experience teaching in a different culture! I just know that I will thrive there. 

FEELING mixed feelings. I am eager, excited, worried and uncertain at the same time. 

NEEDING a short break! Caring for myself is important so that I have the energy to care for others. :-) 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Words to Remember

"A child's laughter and tears have equal importance. I would not want to take away from him disappointment, sorrow, grief. Emotions enable character. The deeper we feel, the more human we become."

Your Guide to a Happier Family: Liberated Parents, Liberated Children
by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I am a trainee play therapist! The door has always been open for me to continue my studies and I have finally found the course I want to pursue! It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery. I have learned so much and I am filled with the desire to learn so much more! Part of the course is to complete 100 clinical hours and I have started clinical work in a centre which has an early intervention program for children with special needs.

I am homeschooling a 4-year-old. I quit my job at the preschool because I wanted to focus on my studies and clinical work. Not wanting too much commitment, I am homeschooling 3 days a week at the moment. It has been so much fun and I am enjoying the process. 

I am still teaching part-time at TweedleWink. I am excited by the new things they add every year. I do love their unique philosophy and teaching method. Can't believe I have been teaching here for more than 7 years! I love all the children I teach and it just doesn't feel like work sometimes. 

Overall, I am really REALLY enjoying my journey in 2017 so far. I am focused, driven, not stressed, well rested, and most importantly, doing it happily with all my heart! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


It's my 8th time celebrating Teacher's Day!
I'm so blessed to be surrounded by children I love every day.
I'm so incredibly lucky to have found my calling. 

Although this year is bumpy, I believe that when one door closes, another opens up!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Great Me & Little Me

Did you know that you have two "me's". When you choose your Great Me, your frequency lifts, you shine like the sun! When you choose your Little Me, your light dims and your frequency drops. But you can always take a deep breath. Blow out your Little Me as if you're blowing out a balloon. 1... 2... 3... Breathe in your Great Me. 1... 2... 3... Now, try again! You can choose which "Me" to be. I hope you choose your Great Me!

This is a great Character Building story that I use with my children. Everyone has days where they feel like choosing their Little Me. At times, all you need is to take a deep breath, calm down and try again. It is great to have the children visualise they are blowing balloons. 

Rather than yell at children and get into a power struggle, or opposite, let the child get his/her way in everything, this Character-Building program helps the children think rationally of the consequences of choosing their Little Me. It ends positively, and children behave better when they feel better. Believe me, I've tried giving punitive time outs in the past when I was at my wits' end, but it didn't work. All I created was a situation where the child is upset AND I was upset. 

So when your child is throwing a temper tantrum, encourage your child to think of consequences, 
If you choose your Little Me, then the classroom would be messy and teachers and children will be sad. We would like to have a neat classroom. Let's blow out our Little Me's together. 1-2-3. Let's breathe in our Great Me's! Are you ready to choose your Great ME? (Big warm loving hug!)
Sometimes, I do it for myself. So that I have the patience to deal with the situation. 

Visit this page to purchase the e-books!

Monday, April 4, 2016

When I was young

"When I was young, I was hit by my parents and I turned out fine."

"When I was young, we did not have any of these educational programs and classes and I turned out fine."

"When I was young, I didn't learn this and I turned out fine."

Well, when you were young, your parents did not have cell phones and internet and they turned out fine!

Like it or not, times are changing, and if the way you educate your child doesn't change, your child might miss out. Sure, he/she might turn out fine. But imagine if you read up on research and make INFORMED choices, how much better they could turn out?

People need to study and have degrees to build buildings or bridges. Is bringing up a child any less important than building roads?

The opposite of whacking your child is not letting your child climb on top of your head. You ought to strike a balance of a kind and firm discipline. I highly recommend reading up on positive discipline by Jane Nelsen.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I've seen kids who like to scold their friends. When I look at how the parent talks to the child, I know why. Children are parrots. They imitate EVERYTHING that we do. That's why it is so important for us as adults to be good role models for the children. 

I've had parents comment, 
"I really don't know how you do it. It's so difficult for me to deal with just one, and you have to deal with 20!"
Practicing yoga has helped me become more aware of my breathing. Take time to take a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath when you feel your anger rising.

I bring lavender or chamomile tea to work. Thus, when I feel overwhelmed, I take a sip of tea, and ahhhh, I feel the stress melt away.

Talk face to face
Overseeing a number of kids is no easy task. Sometimes, I see a child at the other side of the room misbehaving. Although it seems easier to yell, it would be much better to walk up to the child face to face and talk to the child. 

It is vital to ensure that you have sufficient rest so that you have the energy to be patient. 

Here's a great website for some more tips from an amazing mum who decided to stop yelling at her kids:
The Orange Rhino Challenge: Yell less, Love more!